Food tantrums…


IMG_0186So i was in Walmart the other day, when suddenly I hear a toddler having a full-blown fit right there in the store.  Can i just say that I’m so glad that those days are over for me??  My youngest is 10,and has thankfully (and finally!) outgrown that phase.

anyway, as i listened to the poor mom trying to reason with her toddler, it suddenly occurred to me to that when it comes to food, I’m often like that screaming toddler.  I can have the best of intentions when it comes to eating well and avoiding simple carbs, but when the 2:00pm cravings start to kick in, the battle begins.

i start thinking about a yummy Coke on ice, or how tasty an iced coffee would be, or wether or not i should find an excuse to run to Walmart, just so I can get myself a candy bar.

and the more i entertain those thoughts, the more i feel my inner-two-year old coming to life.  First she starts with a slight whine.  That translates into me coming up with a hundred reasons why i deserve a treat.

It’s at this point that the inner-toddler begins to turn red in the face.

i begin to rationalize my weakness and the excuses begin…”i can always eat better tomorrow”, or “I’m just so tired and that Coke would taste SO good.”, or how about this one, “I’ve already eaten poorly today, so why not have more yummy junk food?”

as i continue to rationalize, the toddler has began to stomp her feet, and at this point, she’s thrown herself on the floor in a full-blown tantrum.

and nine times out of ten, it’s right around this moment that I’m getting my shoes on and heading to the store–for about the 4th time that week.


the struggle is real my friends.



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